General Administrative Details

Course Joining Instructions

  1. A set of Joining Instructions will be dispatched within eight weeks of the start date of each course indicated on the Course Schedule.
  1. Nominating Authorities/Departments/Agencies are asked to ensure that each nominee is given a copy of the respective Joining Instructions well in advance of their departure to REDTRAC. This document provides final briefing notes for the proper preparation of participants before their arrival for the course.
  1. Nominees who do not receive their Joining Instructions in a timely manner inevitably face some inconveniences and arrive at REDTRAC less than prepared for their respective courses. This situation is to be avoided at all costs.


Further Information

  1. Please refer to the FAQ section of the website for further information.

Caribbean Regional Drug Law Enforcement Training Centre
Police Training Complex
Twickenham Park, Spanish Town
Jamaica, W.I.

(Last up-dated 13th October, 2017)