The Crest

General Description

A blue, circular band superimposed on a circular band of golden yellow which is just visible at the edges. In the upper sections of the blue band, the words Caribbean Regional Drug Law Enforcement Training Centre are inscribed in white. In the lower section, the words “Enhancing Knowledge, Strengthening Capacity” are inscribed in golden yellow. Central to the circular bands is a map of the Caribbean basin beneath which the word REDTRAC is emblazoned, in black. Below the map is a stylized image of a body of water.

The Meaning of the Elements and Colours

  1. The Words ‘Caribbean Regional Drug Law Enforcement Training Centre are positioned topmost, immediately identifying the ownership of the Crest. Directly below the name of the Institution is its Motto: “Enhancing Knowledge, Strengthening Capacity.”
  2. The Map of the Caribbean basin occupies a place of central prominence symbolizing that the Institution is in, of and for the Caribbean region.
  3. The stylized image represents the Caribbean sea which adjoins all the participating countries.
  4. The Colours:
    • The golden yellow represents the perennial sunshine which abounds in the region.
    • The blue and white are the colours of REDTRAC.
    • REDTRAC is emblazoned in black symbolizing the strength of the Institution’s commitment to its core function of training Caribbean law enforcement, and related, personnel.