Community of Practice

As a special-focus institution, REDTRAC caters to a ‘Community of Practice’ comprising Police Services; Customs Departments; Military Forces; Immigration, Port Authority, Fire Services, Correctional Services, Port Security personnel and others from Departments/Agencies that provide direct or indirect support to the above-mentioned entities. Also encompassed in this ‘community’ are personnel from related Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs); Financial Investigation Departments, Revenue Protection Units, Special Anti-Crime/Anti-Drug Units, members of the Judiciary and related, registered Companies and Organizations from across the English-speaking Caribbean.

REDTRAC provides the means for this community of practitioners to assemble regularly to engage in shared experience, information exchange and learning towards a common goal – Continuing Professional Development for improved job performance.


Continuing Professional Development

By design, REDTRAC provides continuing education beyond secondary level and beyond the basic training given to course participants by their various organizations. Accordingly, REDTRAC courses are structured with the aim of enhancing the professional development of the individuals exposed to them. The provision of Continuing Professional Development enables REDTRAC course participants to:

  1. keep abreast of new technology, evolving knowledge and best practices
  2. enhance existing task skills
  3. enhance process skills
  4. enhance professional competence
  5. remain competent throughout career life
  6. enhance career progression

All of the above succinctly captured in the Centre’s motto – “Enhancing Knowledge, Strengthening Capacity.”