General Administrative Details

Payment Methods

  1. The options for fee payments are as follows:
    • By Cash: Paid directly to the Bursar Accountant on arrival at REDTRAC.
    • By Cheque: Drawn to payee ‘Ministry Of National Security (Jamaica)’ and paid to the Bursar Accountant on arrival at REDTRAC.
    • By Wire Transfer: To be utilized after prior consultation with REDTRAC at which time the relevant bank details, transit codes, etc will be provided.


Flight  Arrangements

  1. Flight arrangements for regional participants are sometimes problematic with adverse consequences resulting. In striving for the optimal travel arrangements, the following are highlighted for particular attention:
    • For reception and dispatch arrangements at the Airport and at REDTRAC, regional participants are to arrive/depart Jamaica via the Norman Manley International Airport (in Kingston) on the recommended travel dates* and the full travel itinerary must be communicated to REDTRAC at the earliest possible time.
    • It is essential that flight arrangements be made well in advance of course assembly dates as late bookings sometimes result in participants arriving after the start of the course or, leaving before the Graduation Exercise. Late arrival or early departure places participants at a disadvantage as valuable contact hours are lost and this jeopardizes the award of a course completion certificate.
    • As a precaution against the inconveniences of delayed or lost luggage, it is strongly recommended that carry-on luggage be utilized for the carriage of essential items and clothing for the first 48-hours of stay.
    • Course participants who arrive in Jamaica before the recommended travel dates,* and participants whose return flights are after the recommended travel dates* are required to occupy temporary ‘off-site accommodation’ as per the details set out at FAQ 9.


In-Country Arrivals and Departures

  1. With some minor exceptions, all courses at REDTRAC begin on a Monday morning. For the management of in-processing arrangements, regional participants are required to arrive in Jamaica on the recommended travel dates* – i.e., on the Saturday or the Sunday immediately preceding the course start date.
  1. If in difficulty or doubt on arrival at the Airport, participants are to seek assistance at the Airport Police Station which is 150 metres to the left on exiting the Customs clearance area.
  1. Graduation Exercises are always on a Friday afternoon and bookings for return flights should be so arranged to enable participants to depart REDTRAC on the recommended travel dates* – i.e., on the Saturday or the Sunday immediately after the Graduation Exercise.
  1. Ground transportation/airport transfers in Jamaica will be provided by REDTRAC for the recommended travel dates and for arrivals/departures via the Norman Manley International Airport only.

(For further information re arrival/departure details, see also FAQ 5).