General Administrative Details

REDTRAC Course Cycle

  1. The REDTRAC Course Cycle begins in August of each year with the dispatch of the annual Course Letter, and an accompanying Course Schedule, for the up-coming calendar year. Its dispatch is to the Nominating Authorities of all the relevant Ministries/Departments/Agencies (MDAs), and other relevant, registered companies and organizations across the English-speaking Caribbean. The Course Letter is deliberately dispatched in August for the primary purpose of early notification to facilitate advance planning for the courses to be held in the up-coming year.
  1. The cycle continues with the issuing of a set of Joining Instructions, in turn, for each course that is forecasted in the Course Schedule.


Course Acceptance/Enrollment Procedures

  1. As a policy, REDTRAC does not discuss place allotments and enrollment with individuals and an individual cannot self-nominate for a course at REDTRAC. Instead, these discussions are with the Nominating Authorities of the relevant MDAs and other relevant, recognized entities.
  1. The recognized entity will communicate its interest to REDTRAC and all follow-up communication regarding the utilization of course slots will be between REDTRAC and the entity until a confirmed nominee/nominees is formally communicated to REDTRAC. This communication is via established channels using established procedures. Thereafter, REDTRAC may begin to communicate with the nominated individual/individuals via contact details provided by the Nominating Authority on the prescribed enrollment form.


Place  Allotments

  1. Based on requests received from Nominating Authorities/Departments/Agencies, place allotments are made by REDTRAC to allow for the widest regional representation on each course. This allotment is normally made when Joining Instructions are being forwarded to the various stakeholders.
  1. Nominating Authorities/Departments/Agencies requesting changes to stated allotments should contact REDTRAC as early as possible. Such requests will trigger any possible re-allotments arising from allotments that are not being utilized.


Acceptance  Deadline

  1. Where place allotments are being utilized, the timely indication of acceptance by Nominating Authorities/Departments/Agencies is essential to avoid inconvenience and administrative delays in processing.
  1. Nominating Authorities/Departments/Agencies that are unable to utilize an allotment (or allotments) are asked to submit a ‘Nil Return’ to REDTRAC as this assists with the process of ensuring that the course-loading is met.