General Administrative Details

Dress Code & Personal Effects

  1. For regular classes, the minimum, required level of dress for male participants is long-sleeve shirt with tie. A lounge suit or blazer is required for the course Group Photograph and the Graduation Exercise. The equivalent level of dress is required for female participants.  Participants from the uniformed services (Police, Military, Correctional Service, Fire Brigade) may wear work uniform for regular classes only.
  1. Sturdier clothing such as jeans/oxford shirts/polo shirts will be required for practical exercises and off-site activities. Some special items may also be required for particular courses like the PFSO Course. Such details are specified in the Joining Instructions issued ahead of each course.
  1. Course participants are required to bring personal effects and toiletries for the duration of stay at REDTRAC – including at least two bath towels and wash rags as these items are not provided by REDTRAC. Though optional, gear for physical training and swimwear is recommended.
  1. All “In-residence” participants are advised to pack/travel accordingly in keeping with the above requirements. In-house laundry facilities are available to facilitate washing and pressing as required.
  1.  The following are required for class sessions: pens, pencils, laptop computer, calculator.  A branded notebook is provided to each participant by REDTRAC.



  1. The amenities and services available to course participants include the following:
● Accommodation: Single-occupancy rooms for ‘in-residence’ participants. Based on the course-loading, bathrooms may be shared – one between two rooms.
● Meals: Breakfast/Lunch/Supper/Coffee Breaks/24-hour ice and coffee station
● Security Safe: A Digital/Keyed room safe is installed in every room.
● Student Lounge: Cable TV/Wi-Fi/Daily Newspapers/Magazines/Table-top Games.
● Launderette: Industrial washer, dryer and facilities for ironing.
● Ground Transportation: Provided for all REDTRAC-sponsored events.
● Telephone: Service provided in every room allowing for in-coming calls from home.
● Internet: Wired and Wi-Fi access available in classrooms, rooms and lounge.
● ‘Out-and-About’ Activities: After-class and week-end visits to historical, cultural, recreational and other places of interest.  Karaoke/lyming as and when arranged.