Trafficking In Persons Course (TIPC)

  1. The Course is designed to provide participants with the latest information on human trafficking and attendant crimes. The course will cover the relevant laws and protocols governing human trafficking, the essential elements required to commit the offense, trends, concepts and strategies used by traffickers. It will also cover the different investigative approaches available and how to interact with the victim in a professional manner.
  2. Target Group: Personnel involved in anti-human trafficking investigations, other Law Enforcement officers, Social Service providers and Government officials.
  3. The Curriculum: Defining Trafficking In Persons/Human Trafficking, History of Human Trafficking, Current Human Trafficking Trends, Essential Elements of Human Trafficking, Smuggling versus Trafficking, Servitude, Physical and Sexual Exploitation, Fixing the Scourge, Clues to Assist in Identifying Victims, Multi-Agency Task Force Approach, Specific Legislation for TIP Cases, Investigative Strategies, Investigative Challenges, Victim Centered Approach, Practical Exercises.