Techniques of Financial Investigation Course (TFIC)

  1. The Course is designed to equip participants with the key skills and knowledge required for conducting successful financial and money laundering investigations.
  2. Target Group: Persons who have completed a Basic and/or Advanced Financial Investigation Course and are attached to Financial Investigation Units. The course is also for personnel from Military Intelligence Units, Customs and Police personnel with support/related responsibilities to special units – Financial Investigation Units, Fraud Investigation Agencies, Bank Inspectors, Tax/Audit Administrators and the Financial Services Commissions.
  3. The Curriculum: Review of national legislation and financial control regulations, Money laundering, Responsibilities of the Public and Private Sectors and their interactions, Types of Financial Institutions, the movement of money between financial institutions, Functions of Bank Personnel, E-Banking, the use of books and records in an investigation, Techniques of gathering information/evidence, Goals, types and process of financial investigation and the special skills and techniques required by investigators, Identification of, planning and organizing a financial investigation, Typologies, Conducting a financial interview, Keys to a successful interview, Computer forensics, Cell phone forensics, Searching in a computer environment; Sources of information, Accessing records, Terrorists data bases, Aircraft data bases, Corruption, Tax evasion (local), Methods of proof, identifying source and application theory, types of evidence and the factors to be considered when presenting evidence, the value of preparing a complete report and the key elements of an investigative report, asset forfeiture and the forfeiture laws, regional and international case studies, Practical exercises.