Precursor Chemicals Course (PCC)

  1. The Course is designed to provide participants with current doctrines on precursor chemicals; how they are diverted into illegal markets and the manufacturing of illegal drugs. Participants will be taught the regional and international laws and regulations governing enforcement controls for the movement of precursor chemicals. Emphasis will be placed on the linkages to money laundering and asset forfeiture, the safety precautions necessary when dealing with these drugs and the procedures for conducting clandestine lab investigations.
  2. Target Group: Personnel involved in legal drafting and all facets of drug law enforcement touching on chemical controls and investigations relating to importation, exportation, storage and distribution.
  3. The Curriculum: Overview of Chemical Diversion, Trends in Chemical Trafficking, International Diversions, Establishing a Chemical Diversion Programme, Setting up an Audit, Cocaine Manufacture, Manufacture of synthetic narcotics, Chemical Diversion Projects, Chemicals and Chemical Safety, Overview of the International Chemical Industry, Cooperation between Countries, Setting up a  Programme, Setting up a local Chemical Diversion Programme, Marijuana growing, usage, medical usages, Identifying the user, Money Laundering/Asset Forfeiture/Confiscation Issues, Operative Legislation, Treaties, Conventions on Control of Chemical Diversion, Practical Exercises.