Financial Investigation Course (FIC)

  1. The Course is designed to provide participants with knowledge of the key approaches to Financial Investigations and Money Laundering; the national, regional and international implications financial crimes have on Governments and the general legislative controls governing the movements and laundering of money. Participants will acquire knowledge for the pursuit of a financial investigation through to prosecution, seizure and forfeiture of assets. Participants will leave with a greater knowledge of the value of effective financial investigation, legislation relating to the forfeiture and confiscation of assets gained from illegal activity and the role their role in ensuring its effective implementation.
  2. Target Group: Persons attached to Financial Investigation Divisions/Units and personnel earmarked to work in such Units.
  3. The Curriculum: Definition of terms, Impact of Money Laundering transactions, Monitoring Techniques, Investigations: Identifying, collecting and preserving evidence, Developing the “Paper Trail”, Linking and Cataloguing, Seizure and Forfeiture of Accounts and Illegal Assets, Case Development and preparation for prosecution, International and Regional Legislation and Regulations.