CyberCrimes Investigation Course (CIC)

  1. The Course is designed to provide participants with the knowledge, skills and competence in digital forensics necessary to combat cyber and other related crimes. The course delves into the complexities of cybercrimes; their implication for national security and the vulnerability of Caribbean Nation States to the use of the internet and other ICT media to undertake criminal activities. The course will enhance the competence of participants to detect and investigate these offences.
  2. Target Group: Personnel assigned to cybercrimes units, investigators of financial crimes, first responders to, and crime scene investigators of, cybercrimes and other cyber-related crimes.
  3. The Curriculum: Cybercrimes: Definition and Nature; Introduction to Computers and Computer Networks; the Cybercrimes Act and related Legislation; Forensic ICT Investigations; Internet Investigations; Examination  and Analysis of  Digital Evidence; Search, Seizure, Preservation of Evidence; Anti-Forensic Techniques and a range of practical exercises.