Basic Narcotics Investigation Course (BNIC)

  1. The Course is designed to give participants full exposure to the investigative processes involved in narcotics investigations and the legal provisions governing national, regional and international cooperation for anti-drug enforcement activities.
  2. Target Group: Persons employed in, or shortly to be posted to, drug Investigation Units and persons assigned to general law enforcement, drug or border control duties.
  3. The Curriculum: Overview of Drugs and Trends including Valuations, Identification of Drugs, Forensic Awareness, Precursors, Slang in the drug domain and environment, Air and Sea Port Interdiction, Case Investigation, Intelligence and systems/agencies available, Interview Techniques, Briefing and Debriefing, Search Techniques, Surveillance Tactics, Cultivating, handling and managing informants, Specialized Covert Investigating Techniques,  Technical support and equipment available, Drug profit and confiscation issues (Money Laundering), Ethics, Demand Reduction, Education and Prevention Issues, the work of and co-operation with other Agencies (national and international), International Narcotics Conventions, Agreements and Legal Issues.