Advanced Narcotics Investigation Course (ANIC)

  1. The Course is designed to strengthen the investigative, managerial and organizational skills of the participants for dealing with narcotics trafficking, drug interdiction and associated investigations.
  2. Target Group: Supervisors and managers who have a responsibility to manage anti-drug operations and or specialist drug units. Participants must be supervisors in the rank of Sergeant, or above, and at equivalent levels across Agencies. Participants should have previously attended a Drug Investigator’s Course or similar drug training or have previous experience working in Drug Units.  Supervisory personnel recently appointed to Drug Units who have no previous experience or training may be accommodated subject to other preconditions being met.
  3. The Curriculum: Management of Intelligence, Management of Informants & Handlers, The value of Forensic Approaches to Drug Interdiction, International Treaties, Operations & Legal Issues, Managing Undercover Operatives & Operations, Managing Financial Investigations, Overview of Drugs Interdiction & Co-operation strategies, Basic Principles in the Management of Case Preparation for Prosecution, Ethics Tactical Aspects of Raid Planning, Briefing, Execution and Debriefing, Practical exercises.