Public Speaking Development Seminar (PSDS)

  1. The Seminar is designed to enhance the public speaking ability of the participants by developing oral communication skills of correct pronunciation and enunciation to clearly and confidently articulate thoughts in a ‘public’ setting.
  2. Target Group: Personnel who, by the nature of their job assignment, are required to make workplace and other ‘public’ addresses. Personnel who are desirous of improving their public speaking ability.
  3. The Curriculum:  principles of public speaking; oral versus written communication; the communication process and types of communication; the essentials of Public Speaking; effective Public Speaking techniques;  the elemental components of a speech, types of speeches,  structuring and delivering the speech, speech apprehension, impromptu presentations,  etc.  Time will be devoted to the preparation and delivery of ‘speeches’ with each followed by a critical examination of the presentation of own speech and the speeches of others through interactive practice sessions.

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Status: Closed

Start Date: January 30, 2017

End Date: February 03, 2017

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