Risk Management

This category of training modules will cover risk management techniques. Risk Management aims to identify risk and then manage risk so that the most effective use of resources like manpower and money can be made. These modules are for officers in management or in leadership positions. Persons taking these modules must have completed Risk assessment for land, air or seaports…

Money Laundering

These modules cover what money laundering is, how to detect money laundering and what techniques law enforcement officials can use to gather evidence and prosecute money launderers.

Controlled Deliveries

A controlled delivery is a law enforcement technique that allows the transport of illegal drugs or other contraband, under law enforcement supervision, to those persons who have arranged for the shipment. This is to identify, arrest and prosecute those persons that are responsible for either financing, forwarding or organizing a consignment of illegal drugs.

Search Techniques

This category of training modules will cover search techniques for example how to search vehicles, containers, persons and aircraft.

Interdiction Techniques at Seaports

This module introduces the different interdiction techniques that can be used at seaports to identify and intercept drug smugglers. It describes various interdiction techniques and why there is a need to use them. Duration: 60 – 120 minutes

Interdiction Techniques for Land Controls

This is a training programme that is aimed at staff that are employed at border crossings and inland checkpoints. It is a comprehensive training programme that includes training modules that teach how to identify high-risk persons, cargo and vehicles at land border crossings and checkpoints, which may be involved in the smuggling of illegal drugs and precursor chemicals. Because this…

General Courses

This category includes general modules. These modules are meant for all students. Please note that some of these modules are also found in other categories.

Instructor Training and Development Course (ITDC)

The Course is designed to develop the teaching capabilities of participants enabling them to teach any given subject at the recruit, in-service and other levels within the organization. The training will be premised on the constructivist learning approach and, on successful completion, participants will leave with enhanced knowledge, skills and abilities equipped to return to their respective Departments/Agencies as effective…

Intelligence Gathering and Analysis Course (IGAC)

The Course is designed to expose participants to the basic principles and methodologies related to gathering, analyzing and disseminating criminal intelligence. Participants will be schooled on how criminal intelligence may be used (in any law enforcement or related organization) for detecting and solving crime. Target Group: Personnel who will be receiving raw intelligence data and analyzing same for operational value….

Leadership and Management Development Course (LMDC)

The Course is designed to strengthen the management and leadership capabilities of middle managers. It will expose participants to best practices in management and leadership and provide them with the required knowledge and skills (theory and practice) to improve job efficiency and effectiveness. Target Group: Personnel serving in middle management positions of law enforcement entities and related government departments. The…